Oldies but goldies — 31 enero, 2014 at 9:00 am

Oldies but Goldies – 31/01/2014



- Iron Munro (1940), de Jack Farr.

- Danny in Wonderland (1941), de Lin Streeter.

- Micro-Face (1943), de Allen Ulmer.

- Twilight and His Pal Snoopy (1943), de John Cassone.

- Ibis the Invincible. The Little Man Who Isn’t Here (1944), de Otto Binder.

- Land of the Lost (1946), de Isabel Manning Hewson y Olive Bailey.

- Frankenstein. One Small Bier (1947), de Dick Briefer.

- Murder, Morphine and Me (1947), de Jack Cole.

- I Was the Front for the Merciless Spirit Swindlers (1947), de Joe Simon y Jack Kirby.

- Terry and the Pirates #8 (1948), de Milton Caniff.

- Tommy Tomorrow. Tommy Tomorrow’s Trip to Today (1949), de Curt Swan.

- The Touch of Gentle George (1951), de Bernard Krigstein.

- Mission into Time (1952), y I Was the First Future Man (1958), de de Lou Cameron, aquí.

- Mountain Love (1954), ee Alberta Tewks.

- It Came from the Bottom of the World! y Too Much Steam! (1954), de Jack Sparling.

- Turok. The River of Fire (1956), de Gaylord DuBois, Bob Correa y John Celardo.

- Weak Boy (1956), de Mort Meskin.

- Black Canary (1972), de Denny O’Neil y Alex Toth.

- The Wisdom of Many, the Wit of One (1974), de Doug Moench y Frank Robbins.

- Tomb of Goofula (1991), de Marv Wolfman, Gene Colan y Tom Palmer.

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