Oldies but goldies — 12 agosto, 2010 at 10:28 am

Oldies but goldies


- Banana oil (1925), de Milt Gross.

- Salesman Sam (1927), de CD Small.

- Vigilante. Crime’s caravan (1942), de Mort Meskin.

- Fritzi Ritz y Nancy (1942), de Ernie Bushmiller.

- The real story behind Lepke, mad dog of the underworld (1942), de Woody Hamilton y Harry Lucey.

- The short bloody life of Charlie Birger (1948), de Gil Kane.

- The man from the moon (1952), de Basil Wolverton.

- Sherm builds a snowman (1953), de Bud Sagendorf.

- What Wilbur saw (1957), de Steve Ditko.

- Who is Mr. Ashtar? (1957), de Jack Kirby.

- We were doomed by the metal-eating monster (1958), de Jack Kirby.

- The giants from outer space (1958), de Jack Kirby.

- I was big-game in Neptune (1958), de Jack Kirby.

- I tracked the nuclear creature (1958), de Jack Kirby.

- Rose and the Thorn. Mourn for the Thorn (1970), de Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru, and Mike Esposito.

- Change… into something comfortable (1973), de Doug Moench y Richard Corben.

- I wonder who’s squeezing her now? (1979), de Nicola Cuti, Ernie Colon y Wally Wood.

- The flies!, de Gerry Conway, Paul Kirchner y Ralph Reese.

- My troubles with women (1982), de Robert Crumb.

- Superman. …With but a single step (1983), de Marv Wolfman y Gil Kane.

Bonus track

- The big score (1994), de Richard Sala.

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